Who is Dr. James D. Lund, DDS in South Jordan / Daybreak?

James Lund DDS South Jordan

Dr. James D. Lund DDS is a dentist that prides himself in making his patients feel as comfortable as possible and in control of their dental health.

Compassionate care is what is always given to all of his patients. He uses the best available methods and technology to make a patient feel comfortable and pain-free. He will listen to your concerns and provide the best solutions for your specific dental needs. What are a few of the dental services that Dr. James D. Lund offers at his South Jordan / Daybreak office?

Dental cleanings and exams

There is no substitute for a professional dental cleaning. Dr. Lund’s professional and caring staff understands that even a cleaning can be nerve-racking and will do everything they can to make your experience as stress-free as possible.

Oral cancer screenings

Catching signs of oral cancer early on is crucial in designing a treatment program to counteract the disease and slow its progression. Annual screenings are important to maintain a healthy mouth.

Cavity fillings

Dental drilling can create anxiety in many patients. Dr. Lund can administer medication before a filling so the patient is completely comfortable during the procedure.

Fluoride treatments for children

Teeth are more vulnerable to decay in childhood. A fluoride varnish or oral rinse will help to fortify the enamel and promote healthy jaw development in your child.

How do I make an appointment for the whole family?

 Make one appointment for your spouse, yourself and your kids to ensure everyone receives dental care promptly. A single dental cleaning appointment for the family also makes children feel more comfortable.

Request an appointment here – request appointment – or call Dr. James D Lund DDS at 801-254-7777 for an appointment in our South Jordan / Daybreak office.