What Are Dental Crowns

James Lund DDS South Jordan Utah

Dental crowns are used to repair worn-down and broken teeth. These restorations encase the entire tooth.

Why Are Dental Crowns Used?

If you have teeth that are severely worn out, weak, misshapen, broken or uneven, crowns could be the best option. Dentists can also use crowns to hold a dental bridge in place or cover implants.

How Much Teeth Structure Is Required?

There needs to be sufficient tooth to support a crown. Otherwise the crown will not bond correctly. Composite material is normally used to provide support for the crowns to be fixed.

How Are the Crowns Fixed?

Fixing the crowns need at least two dental visits:

First visit

The dentist will begin the process by checking the severity of the tooth damage, and how much tooth support is left.

A local anesthesia is used to numb the gums. The tooth will need to be ground down. A temporary crown will be bonded to the tooth to protect it as you wait for the permanent one to be made.

A cast or impression of the reshaped tooth is taken to make the permanent crowns.

Second dental visit

On the second visit, the dentist will remove the temporary crown, clean the teeth and gums, and bond the permanent the crown.

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