New Year’s Resolutions to Help Increase Your Dental Health

James Lund DDS South Jordan Utah
By changing or enhancing your dental care routine, you can make a huge impact on your long-term dental health.
Create Good Habits

Proper and consistent dental care is easier than you may think. It can come down to simple choices that you make. To practice a good daily oral care routine, you should:

  • Gently brush for two minutes twice a day using a soft-bristled toothbrush to avoid damaging your enamel.
  • Thoroughly clean between your teeth once a day. You can use a flossing device or floss.
  • Rinse with mouthwash or an antiseptic mouth rinse after brushing.
Healthier Dietary Choices

What you eat can become food for bacteria in your mouth. This can potentially contribute to cavities, gum disease and other conditions.

Important diet choices may include:

  • Limiting your consumption of sugary or acidic foods and beverages
  • Rinse with water after meals or sugary drinks
  • Try to eat lots of fruits, vegetables.
Dental Restorations and Orthodontics

 Your dentist can recommend the appropriate restoration option to potentially treat the underlying cause of your dental concern and prevent future problems.

Routine Dental Visits

Visiting your dental professional in the South Jordan / Daybreak area at least twice a year is very important. The best way to stop dental issues is to detect them early or prevent them from happening at all. Regular visits will help you accomplish this.

The small cost of maintenance and regular visits will help prevent issues that can be far more expensive down the road.

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