Dental Technology


This technology is really helpful for our patients. It’s much better than traditional x-rays because it shows a 3-D view of teeth, bones, nerves, and tissue so we can see everything more accurately. We can even see small details like the position of nerves during a root canal and where wisdom teeth are located in relation to other teeth and the jaw. Since we started using this technology in 2017, we’ve found many serious issues that we were able to treat. For example, we found infections that our patients didn’t know they had and we were able to remove growths near their eyes that could have caused blindness. We also found sinus problems that their ear, nose, and throat doctors were then able to treat.


The lab can now make your dental crowns without taking sticky impressions. Instead, they use a 3-D camera that takes a detailed picture of your teeth and sends it to the lab. This has resulted in better-fitting crowns that can be adjusted easily if needed. With this digital method, the lab can make most crowns in less than a week.


Old paper x-rays can be painful and take a long time to develop. Digital x-rays are more comfortable and developed quickly. The technology used in digital x-rays means we only need a tiny amount of radiation compared to paper x-rays. This makes digital x-rays better in many ways.


A funny name for a small laser that can help us determine if there is any decay underneath the staining we sometimes get on our teeth.

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