Dental Technology


This technology has been an absolute game changer in regards to more improved, accurate care for our patients. Traditional x-rays only offer a flat picture of many teeth, bones, nerves, and tissue piled on top of each other, leaving the dentist to guess as to their arrangement. Being able to see and explore a 3-D view makes everything more accurate. From details as small as the nerve position while doing a root canal, to the exact position of wisdom teeth in relation to the other teeth and jaw. Also, since we started using this technology in 2017, we have found many, many serious conditions that have allowed our patients to get previously undetected infections treated, swellings into the eye that would have led to blindness removed, and views of the sinus that have allowed their ENT’s to diagnose and treat sinus conditions.


No more sticky 5-minute impressions needed for the lab to make your crowns. We now use a real-time, 3-D camera that captures even the finest details of your teeth and instantly creates an image that I can evaluate and prepare for our great dental lab. This has resulted in amazing porcelain crowns that fit better than ever. Also, the 3-D data allows us to request new crowns in a slightly different shape or color, if there every is a concern, without needed to start over. I simply email the desired changes, and we get a new crown made for you. Because of this digital information, we are now able to get most crowns back in less than 1 week.


No more sharp paper x-rays! The digital x-rays are much more comfortable. And they are developed immediately. The technology behind the digital x-ray sensors is so advanced, we are able to get the needed x-ray pictures, with only a fraction of the actual x-ray dosage we needed with the paper x-rays.  More comfortable, faster, less radiation… better.


A funny name for a small laser that can help us determine if there is any decay underneath the staining we sometimes get on our teeth.

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