Dental Implants in
South Jordan and Daybreak

When a tooth is lost, we all realize that it can change the way you chew, or smile.  But there are also other results that we try to help our patients understand. Tooth roots keep teeth in place and also help keep gums and bones healthy. Losing a tooth can cause bone loss in the jaw, which can make the teeth next to the missing tooth less stable and lead to a sunken appearance.  The bone continues to shrink as it is not being used to hold in a tooth.  Over time, as the bone shrinks back from the neighboring teeth, the roots on those teeth become exposed and can lead to sensitivity and decay.  Teeth will move to the path of least resistance.  If there is not a tooth holding another tooth in place, it will drift into the abandoned space.  The tooth that used to chew against the missing tooth can also start to “grow” out of the jawbone and try to fill in the missing space across the jaw.    

The Benefits and Importance of Dental Implants

James Lund DDS South Jordan

Dental implants don’t just replace missing teeth – they also help to protect your existing teeth. When you lose a tooth, it can cause problems that you might not notice at first. For example, the roots of your teeth also help to keep your gums and supporting bone structures healthy. When a tooth is lost, you can experience bone loss in the jaw, which can affect the stability of adjacent teeth and cause your face to look “sunken”. This can make it difficult to wear dentures comfortably. Implants can help to maintain the bone structure of your jaw, protecting your teeth and helping you maintain a healthy smile. So, while dental implants can improve your appearance, they can also provide important health benefits too.